Wednesday, March 25, 2015

YA Book Club: Let the reading begin

Hello my fellow readers.
A new book club is joining the book club universe, yes, it does exist ;)
I love to talk about books, that's why I read. But I want to read more in English and I want to talk about it.
So I decided to have my own little book club and I really got creative, at least I hope so.

What do I want to read with you? YA, YA and, even more YA. This "genre" is huge, we have so many opportunities.
Who can join? Here it comes. Since I am 17, I want people in this club who are no older than 23. I mean, we all get older so of course you don't get kicked out on your 24th birthday! I just think, that it'll be better if the age span isn't too big. The minimum age, btw, is 16. I don't want to exclude anyone but I just think, that my decisions should be okay.
Down below is a link where you can join us, maybe we should limit the amount of members to 6 at first? Tell me what you think.
Ugh, I forgot something important xD
The books we are going to read will be in English. You don't have to write (about) us in English but either this or german please :)

I hope that many of you are going to joing me :) Have fun and fill the chairs!

Lea ♥

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